Peggy Wilson
President Instructor/ Florida Evaluator

Human Remains Detection, Area Search and Therapy Dog Instructor / Evaluator

 I have been in the Veterinary field for over 30 years and currently a hospital Manager. While I was working my way through the career in the Veterinary field. I Have numerous certifications in Veterinary management, VNA (Veterinary Nutritional Advocate), FEMA training, Hazard training, Search & Rescue training and certifications. Certified in CPR. Therapy K9 training. Covenant Hospice training & seventh hour training.

In the late 90’s, I started working K9’s. I have worked, Trained and certified Therapy K9’s, Area Search K9’s and Human Remain Detection K9’s. AKC Canine Good Citizen K9’s.

- K9 Frosty (Golden Retriever) worked over eight years as a certified Therapy K9 with Pet Partners and a AKC Canine Good Citizen. She visited numerous hospitals, veterans’ homes and nursing facilities. We were a Therapy K9 team of S.P.O.T. (Special Pets offering TLC) with Gulf Coast Hospital, Therapy K9 with Covenant Hospice and Therapy K9 with PAWS (Pets are working saints). Frosty lived to be 14 years of age.

-K9 Jack (Golden Retriever) Worked over 8 years as a Certified Area search K9 with NOCSAR. He had a very rewarding career and worked hard on every search. Searching for missing children and adults. He was trained to find autistic children as well. He wore his color badge for them if needed. Jack also was a Flyball dog champion and retired as a Flyball dog gold champion. He was my running partner on many 5k runs. When he retired from Search and Rescue, he continued work as a Therapy K9 and visited veterans’ homes and hospitals. When Frosty had passed, he took her role at Bay behavioral as a Therapy K9. Jack lived to be 14 years of age.

-K9 Cali (American Pit Bull) is a certified Human Remains Detection K9. She is certified through NNDDA and NOCSAR in land and water. As well as, a AKC Canine Good citizen. She has been in search & Rescue for over 7 years. Cali has had a very successful career. She has many confirmed finds on land and water. Her finds have ended up in court as well. She is a retired Flyball dog champion. Cali also does therapy K9 work at veterans’ home and schools. She is still working as a SAR K9 and is my running partner in the US Canine Biathlon and many 5k runs.

Many people have helped me start and train along the way with my K9’s. Jan Scofield, Greg Cole, Melissa Frye and Jason Klingensmith. Much thank you to all those along the way, as we help each other grow in knowledge.

 I enjoy running and hiking. I have done Flyball Dog sports, US K9 Biathlon and many runs. I have run 3 Marathon’s and numerous ½ marathon’s, 13K, 10K and 5K races including the 911 stair climb challenge. In the past years, I have been a board member of our local dog club (, where I was the Treasure and Secretary. One of the first members of Beach Rovers Flyball Dog Team, Board member of the Humane Society. Member of Pet, Therapy K9’s, Therapy K9 handler of S.P.O.T. (Special Pets offering TLC) with Gulf Coast Hospital. Therapy K9 handler with Covenant Hospice. (Canine Companions for Independence) Dog walk member coordinator. Currently on the board of PCB Parks and Recreation.   A Sgt. member of the BCSO SAR K9 Team. Member of AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) and VHMA (Veterinary Hospital Managers Association).